[Tugindia] windvi / itrans problem

amitava maity amaity at vsnl.net
Tue Oct 21 23:07:32 CEST 2003

>>I left out the most important part. You have to run the
>> tex-hash or its equivalent to refresh the file name database.
>>Other than this, everything should be fine.
> Many many times CVR reminds about top posting. No matter how many times he reminds still the practice is going on. PLEASE DO NOT TOP POST!!
> I also have some bad experience with "itrans".
> Amaity - Is it necessary to give the full path? Have you tried issuing "itrans" in the directory where the *.itx file is residing? 
> 1) Is the "itrans" in the path? (see the autoexec.bat)
> 2) change to the directory where *.itx is residing.
> 3) First Issue "itrans" command there
> 4) Then run LaTeX on the file so generated.
> Generally the output is written is written in the same directory where the original file is.
> Thank you
> D. Venu Gopal
Mr Venkatraman

Many thanks for the help offered so far and the link that you posted. I 
have run texhash but it doesn't help. After a lot of head scratching I 
realise that I have not added anything to autoexecute.bat but I not sure 
  if this is a problem.

Mr Venu Gopal

I am running TexLive of the CDROM. All I have done so far is to build a 
local tex tree that can be done from the CDROM itself. I have downloaded 
itrans53 and shifted the itrans files to the relevant directories in the 
local tex tree which is in c:\Tex.

I have not added any path in autoexecute.bat yet. Could you please give 
me some guidance?

Sincerely yours - amaity.

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