[Tugindia] windvi / itrans problem

S. venkataraman svenkat at ignou.ac.in
Wed Oct 15 18:24:26 CEST 2003

Hello Everybody!

I have been running TexLive-7 off the CDROM on my Win98 box for quite 
some time. I downloaded 'itrans53' recently for including Hindi text in 
my English documents. It is in c:/itrans53. I tried it out on a sample 
document as follows:

c:/itrans53/bin/itrans.exe -v -i c:/am/example.itx -o example.tex latex

but windvi c:/am/example.dvi  exits without giving any output.

It seems like some additional configuration of windvi/itrans is 
necessary. Will someone please help me out?

Sincerely yours,
I am using itrans but I have never run tex off a CD.  While I use MIKTEX
on the 
Windows platform, you seem to be using web2c implementation for windows.
The problem could be that the directory containing font files,.tfm,.pk
may not be in the search path.
You probably need to add a localtexmf tree in the hard disk and 
create directories for the the font files like .fd, .tfm, .pk, .pfb etc.
I am curious to know where have  you installed the 
.sty and .fd files that come with itrans? Without these you could not
have run 

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