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Praveen S Khan pskhan at gawab.com
Sat Oct 4 02:34:58 CEST 2003


On Friday 03 Oct 2003 7:33 am, Radhakrishnan CV wrote:

    > I doubt it. Got the following when I tried to resume:
    >   Warning: Previous uncompleted download of
    > texlive2003-live.iso.bz2 detected!  The Server does not support
    > resuming so would you like to (A)bort,(O)verwrite it ?
    > And when I downloaded for the first time, prozilla faithfully
    > told that "Resume NOT Supported", meaning it is a server side
    > issue.  Also, why not wget which has the resume capability
    > behave differently with different servers? Someone more
    > knowledgeable in this matter may kindly enlighten.

hey cvr, You are right. The server has something to do with it. The 
problem can be solved by upgrading the webserver software itself.

Actually we normally use Apache 1.2 or higher which supports resuming. 
(I have never tried the older version in my servers. That was why I 
was ignorant about the matter) The reason is sarovar is using Debian 
and so older version of Apache (pretty stable).

I think if administrator go for server stability the issue will 
persist. But upgrading to a newer version of apache won't affect that 
much (I believe). Anyway its the administrators choice. :)

Here is a small list (not complete)

HTTP Servers that support resuming:
1. Apache 1.2 or higher (Unix, OS/2, Windows, ???)
2. Netscape 2.0 or higher (many platforms) 
3. Microsoft IIS 3.0 or higher (NT only?)
4. Netscape Enterprise Server for NetWare 3.05 and newer
5. IBM GoServe Web Server for OS/2 v2.52 and newer

FTP Servers that support resuming: 
1. Most every version of War-FTPD 1.0 and up
2. wu-ftpd (not sure of all versions, but current ones do)
3. Almost every version of ServU FTP
4. Hethmon Brothers FTPD for OS/2 v2.0 and newer

HTTP Servers that do not support resuming: 
1. Microsoft Personal Web Server (seems to try, but resumed 
    files don't transfer OK.) 
2. WebSTAR/1.3.2 
3. Xitami 
4. Novell's NetWare WebServer (any version - now discontinued) 

FTP Servers that do not support resuming: 
1.  Microsoft Personal Web Server. 
2.  Microsoft IIS 3.0 FTP server 
3.  Vermillion FTPd 
4.  InterCon InterServer Publisher FTP Server 

Servers with known problems: 
1. Rumpus 1.2.2 and earlier. Don't resume right, so file ends up
    corrupted! Rumpus 1.2.3 Beta 3 is supposed to fix this.
2. At least early versions of Microsoft Personal Web Server (1.0?) 

**Thank you cvr for pointing the matter**

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