[Tugindia] TeX Live CD. How to order

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Fri Oct 3 03:40:24 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Sridhar" == Sridhar M A <mas at uomphysics.net> writes:

    Sridhar> I checked for texlive elsewhere and found that
    Sridhar> www.tug.org supports disconnected downloads. But there is
    Sridhar> a difference in the size of the images on both the
    Sridhar> sites. I do not know which is correct.

    Sridhar> Sarovar: texlive2003-inst.iso.bz2 : 571,456,993
    Sridhar> tug.org: texlive2003-inst.iso.bz2 : 571,080,672

    Sridhar> Which one is correct?

That would change quite often. Often a few things are added or
changed.  I downloaded all the images on the day it was decided the
final version and given to the CD duplicating agency.  But forgot to
grab the md5 checksums, which is really a mistake on my part.

The difference now you found was due to a small change in the cztex,
the czech version -- an ugly emabarrassing bug of line end character
troubles with Win32 batch files, which was fixed and a new image
uploaded to the TUG server although the duplication job has been
started already.

Since it hardly bothers our people, I didn't bother to download the
new image.

    Sridhar> A suggestion/request: Can sarovar carry the md5sums of
    Sridhar> the files so that the integrity of the downloaded images
    Sridhar> can be checked?

I will take care of this whenever I do next time. Please accept my
apologies for my shortcoming.



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