[Tugindia] still problem with \colorbox.......

Jagadeesh Bhaskar jagxkool at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 29 04:02:39 CET 2003

i had posted a query on using \colorbox yesterday, for which Manoj had given 
a feasible solution.

it had a side effect in my case.

i was actually trying to get section headings enveloped in gray box.
when i filled like that, though i got color box of the whole width of the 
page as i required,
it broke the section numbering to another line.

now what i need is how to include the section numbering also in the same 
\colorbox of page-width.
i also need to provide a thick horizontal line, \hline didn't work, under 
section headings; which extends in width more than the actual width of text 
like below




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