[Tugindia] Re: pdfscreen presentation

Kapil Hari Paranjape kapil at imsc.res.in
Fri May 30 07:57:39 CEST 2003


Just a clarification.

CVR wrote:
> >>>>> "bbshaha" == bbshaha  <bbshaha at gmx.net> writes:
> I think page transition effects are not yet supported in xpdf.
>     bbshaha> I would appreciate you can indicate where a presentation
>     bbshaha> with transition effect with the source code can be
>     bbshaha> found. I tried the method given in the manual but could
>     bbshaha> not get the effect on xpdf / acroread.
> I heard that Acrobat 5 has problems with page transition, but ver 4
> works correctly. Xpdf doesn't have support.

Xpdf does not support dissolves, and such transitions.

However, in fullscreen mode it *does* support simple overlays. Thus, the
usual method (adopted by most pdf files) of adding material or changing
material on a slide (by creating a new page with minimal changes) does
work. During the presentation this will appear as if material is added
to or removed from the same page.




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