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Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Thu May 29 12:37:46 CEST 2003

>>>>> "bbshaha" == bbshaha  <bbshaha at gmx.net> writes:

I am copying this to TUGIndia list since it might be of interest to

    bbshaha> I have downloaded a copy of your presentation at PCCE
    bbshaha> (Engineering College, Goa), along with the tex source
    bbshaha> file which you have put up in your in your website.  I
    bbshaha> have tried and experimented with it. I have a few
    bbshaha> queries.

    bbshaha> Is it possible to have have a panel without the
    bbshaha> navigation buttons, and only the paneltoc buttons
    bbshaha> pointing to slide titles ( possibly it may be possible if
    bbshaha> the slide headers are identified as 'sections')

Sure, it is possible. Navigation panel is nothing but a vertical box
of height equivalent to screen height and width that you specify. You
can place anything there. If you say 


you can get rid of the panel buttons. With paneltoc option invoked,
you will have only panel toc in the navigational panel.

As you told, all the section headings will appear in the panel toc.

    bbshaha> I have used small graphics files for emblema. It is found
    bbshaha> that it works well with png and jpg. But it did not work
    bbshaha> with gif format.

gif format is not supported by pdfTeX.

    bbshaha> Is it possible to get the full screen effect display with
    bbshaha> xpdf as viewer instead of acroread?

I think page transition effects are not yet supported in xpdf.

    bbshaha> While running the goa.tex file with pdflatex to generate
    bbshaha> a fresh presentation I found that the fonts of the
    bbshaha> presentation have been replaced by an unattractive
    bbshaha> default font in the latex installation on Mandrake linux
    bbshaha> 9.1.  The place for the greek \tau\epsilon\chi was found
    bbshaha> blank

Yes, I have used lucida bright fonts. When you removed it, it would
default to CMR fonts which is not suitable for screen reading owing to
its thin nature.

    bbshaha> The source code shows the use of
    bbshaha> \usepackage{amssymb,lucidabr}

    bbshaha> I had checked that both packages are available in my
    bbshaha> installation as
    bbshaha> /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/amsfonts/asmsymb.sty and
    bbshaha> usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/lucidabr/lucidabr.sty

    bbshaha> Since I wanted a nice sans serif font instead of the
    bbshaha> default font I replaced lucidabr with helvet.

    bbshaha> This time I got a better presentation with helvetica font
    bbshaha> but the navigation buttons at the page 'Why TeX' was
    bbshaha> found blank without any text label on it.

There is no reason that you shouldn't get it. It points to some font
setup problems that are unrelated to pdfscreen.

    bbshaha> Is it possible to give the display size in cm or pixels
    bbshaha> instead of the inch unit?

You can provide dimensions/sizes in any legal TeX units like, sp, pt,
pc, mm, cm, in, etc., but not pixel.

    bbshaha> What is the software used for making the drawing 'TeX
    bbshaha> Production Cycle'?  This aparently has transparent
    bbshaha> background and nicely blends with the overlay.


    bbshaha> I would appreciate you can indicate where a presentation
    bbshaha> with transition effect with the source code can be
    bbshaha> found. I tried the method given in the manual but could
    bbshaha> not get the effect on xpdf / acroread.

I heard that Acrobat 5 has problems with page transition, but ver 4
works correctly. Xpdf doesn't have support.


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