[Tugindia] Part II tutorial -- Superb - suggestion

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Sat May 24 05:43:06 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Saravanan" == M K Saravanan <mksarav at comp.nus.edu.sg> writes:

    Saravanan> Dear All, I was going through the Part II - Graphics
    Saravanan> tutorial by the Indian TeX Users Group.  The quality of
    Saravanan> the tutorial is really superb!  Hats off to the team
    Saravanan> who put their precious time and energy for the benefit
    Saravanan> of all TeX users.

Thank you very much Saravanan for the kind words, it encourages us to
do more work.  By the way, TeXLive 8 will have graphics tutorials as
part of its documentation, the editor of TeXLive has intimated

    Saravanan> I remember in Part-I, there was a name list, of persons
    Saravanan> who involved in preparing the tutorial on the title
    Saravanan> page.  However I could not find any name list anywhere
    Saravanan> on the Part-II tutorials.  It will be nice to mention
    Saravanan> the names somewhere in the tutorial -- after all they
    Saravanan> spent the time and energy to come up with this
    Saravanan> excellent tutorial.  Since in online tutorials people
    Saravanan> may read particular chapter they are interested in, the
    Saravanan> contributors name can be listed on each file (chapter).
    Saravanan> Ofcourse in book there is no need to print them on
    Saravanan> every chapter.

I didn't think of that. We have a three men army now, Krishnan doing
the great job authoring all the PSTricks chapters, me doing the
technician's job of formatting and writing trivial hacks for the
packages to format the docs in the manner you see now and me and Alex
planning and writing the next part of graphics namely Metapost.  Alex
will be the author of musicTeX as well. All the credit for the merits
of PSTricks tutorial should go to Krishnan. More contributors are
welcome to write about XYpic, mpic, circuit macros, etc. or whatever
they think can become part of TeX graphics.

    Saravanan> It is nice to know that GNU Press is going to publish
    Saravanan> the hard bound version of this tutorial
    Saravanan> (http://www.gnupress.org/book15.html).  Does this hard
    Saravanan> bound version also include Part II tutorials?

No, not at all. We plan to release it as a separate volume, the reason
being graphics would take at least an year to complete with not less
than thirty [probably more] chapters.  We want to provide a
comprehensive idea of TeX graphics as far as possible and make it a
definitive guide.



PS: More additions are on the way to LaTeX Tutorial. Animesh N
    Nerurkar <banduji at symonds.net> would write a chapter on Vim and
    LaTeX inputing methods, Krishnan would write a chapter on
    Emacs/AucTeX.  Indeed, this was a nagging deficiency in our
    Tutorial. People are requested to comment on the deficiencies so
    that we can coordinate experts to write on those themes.  And
    readers too are welcome to contribute if they think they've
    sufficient expertise. Let the community be served whatever humble
    way we can.

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