[Tugindia] Part II tutorial -- Superb - suggestion

M K Saravanan mksarav at comp.nus.edu.sg
Sat May 24 04:22:26 CEST 2003

Dear All,

I was going through the Part II - Graphics tutorial by the Indian TeX
Users Group.  The quality of the tutorial is really superb!  Hats off to
the team who put their precious time and energy for the benefit of all TeX

I remember in Part-I, there was a name list, of persons who involved in
preparing the tutorial on the title page.  However I could not find any
name list anywhere on the Part-II tutorials.  It will be nice to mention
the names somewhere in the tutorial -- after all they spent the time and
energy to come up with this excellent tutorial.  Since in online tutorials
people may read particular chapter they are interested in, the
contributors name can be listed on each file (chapter).  Ofcourse in book
there is no need to print them on every chapter.

It is nice to know that GNU Press is going to publish the hard bound
version of this tutorial (http://www.gnupress.org/book15.html).  Does this
hard bound version also include Part II tutorials?

-- mks --

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