[Tugindia] Regarding pdfscreen usage

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Fri May 16 12:16:46 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Raju" == 00407302  <A> writes:


    Raju> 1)While using bottombuttons, the regular buttons appear at
    Raju> the right hand side of the slide, while left hand side is
    Raju> empty. I want to put department and institution name(without
    Raju> bullets) in that space with changes in default color(which
    Raju> is white). How to do it?  

\shortitle{Your Department, Your institution} 

This will appear without bullets in the left hand side as you desired.

    Raju> 2)I tried changing the overlay for second slide using
    Raju> \backgroundcolor \changeoverlay & \overlay{overlay2.pdf},
    Raju> but was not successful. Is there any simple way of doing it
    Raju> than, that is adopted in slide.tex(sample file supplied
    Raju> along with pdfscreen.sty)?  

Remove the \changeoverlay command. Provide \overlay{<overlay_name>}
inside the slide environment. This way you can go on changing overlays
as you like.

    Raju> 3)I tried using pdfpages.sty for getting printable version
    Raju> of slides, out of the slides prepared using pdfscreen. Again
    Raju> i was not successful. It creates first page correctly where
    Raju> as otherpages are replica of first page.

I'm sure, you might have done something wrong and is hardly a
pdfscreen problem. Could you send me an example code?

    Raju> (I followed the steps indicated by 'guru' 

Sorry, I am not a guru, instead a humble TeX user, maybe a little more
informed user. Please don't add attributes that I don't really

    Raju> CVR, which appeared in this mailing list some time
    Raju> back). How to do it correctly?  

Best regards.


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