[Tugindia] Regarding pdfscreen usage

A B Raju (00407302) abraju at ee.iitb.ac.in
Fri May 16 17:04:04 CEST 2003

 I would like to seek clarifications/solutions  regarding usage of 
pdfscreen. My questions are listed below:
I am using Redhat 7.0 linux, its tex/latex package and recent *.sty files 
required for using pdfscreen.
1)While using bottombuttons, the regular buttons appear at the right
hand side of the slide, while left hand side is empty. I want to put  
department and institution name(without bullets) in that space with 
changes in default color(which is white). How to do it?
2)I tried changing the overlay for second slide using  \backgroundcolor
\changeoverlay & \overlay{overlay2.pdf}, but was not successful. Is there 
any simple way of doing it than, that is adopted in 
slide.tex(sample file supplied along with pdfscreen.sty)?
3)I tried using pdfpages.sty for getting printable version of slides, out 
of the slides prepared using pdfscreen. Again i was not successful. It 
creates first page correctly where as otherpages are replica of first 
page.(I followed the steps indicated by 'guru' CVR, which appeared in this 
mailing list some time back). How to do it correctly?
With regards,

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