[Tugindia] Micro-enterprises and TeX

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Thu May 15 05:57:59 CEST 2003

The frist techno-entrepreneurial training program based on TeX and
free software has been formally inaugurated yesterday. The classes are
scheduled to start from Monday onwards. Faculty resources are provided
by TUGIndia (for TeX and related technologies) and people from a host
of institutions like Technopark, CSI, ER&DC, IEEE, SIFFS et al (for
soft skills), meaning the candidates will receive the best quality

Hope that the program will succeed in paving a way to generate wealth
among the population and provide a newer, unique, replicable model to
take on IT to the masses -- maybe a Kerala model of IT like the much
appreciated Kerala model of economy.  Here is a brief report of the
inaugural events filed by Vikas Alathoor, Project Manager of
Micro-enterprises project.  The next issue of TUGIndia Journal would
also carry a detailed report of the event with photographs.


  The inauguration went well as scheduled. 13 candidates registered
  today. Some them were accompanied with family. :-)

  At 11:30 AM, the function started. I gave a (nervous) welcome
  speech.  Satish [Secretary, TUGIndia] took over and spoke broadly
  about the need for youngsters to look for employing themselves
  rather than finding people to employ them. Mahalingam [CEO,
  Technopark] formally inaugurated the program.  He spoke about the
  program's role in putting Technopark as something more than a
  real-estate provider for software companies. CVR complimented the
  candidates for taking the 'unconventional step'. He touched upon the
  various business opportunities of TeX technologies.  Then Amarnath
  Raja [CEO, InApp] pointed out the social significance of the
  program. And finally I gave a spontaneous (another nervous) vote of
  thanks. After a brief interaction with candidates over tea and
  snacks, we all split at about 12:30 PM.

  Candidates have been asked to report on Monday (May 19th) at 9 AM.
  Entry passes will be issued to them once they provide stamp-size
  photographs.  Rs. 1500, fee per head for the entire training,
  collected from the candidates has been credited to a "Community
  Projects" account of Technopark and receipts have been issued.

  Three more computers will be added to the existing ones provided by
  Technopark to train the 13 people. This will be brought by TUG on
  Monday (19th).

  Once again, I have to acknowledge that all this would perhaps have
  not happened without 'the sincere effort of converging wills'.

  Thanking you all.



Best regards


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