[Tugindia] template.tex

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Tue May 13 08:52:29 CEST 2003

A slightly modified version of template.tex is now available at:


This while compiling with shell-escape invoked, will write a shell
script and change the executable bit of the script too, so that the
following two commands will result in template.pdf without the extra
hassle of dvips and epstopdf runs:

  latex -shell-escape template

You might rename the template.pdf to any name you like and continue
tweaking the template.tex to create another overlay with some other
colors and design.

Be warned the shell-escape facility is available in TeX/pdfTeX
compilers distributed along with GNU/Linux or TeXLive or teTeX.
Commercial/Win32 TeX users may adopt Christian Schenk's MikTeX which
has shell-escape facility.

Shell-escape is a built in function of Web2C TeX compilers (the one
supported and distributed by TeX Users Group) wherein TeX can stop
compilation at any point in a document, escape to shell, do a set of
jobs that we specify, return to TeX run at the point where it escaped
to shell and continue processing the document from that point. This
facility can be very wisely used to accomplish certain magical tasks
by TeX. It can also invoke another instance of TeX run during



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