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Abhas Abhinav abhas at deeproot.co.in
Mon May 12 23:25:59 CEST 2003

Hi Everyone...

I needed some help with making pdfscreen overlays. pdfscreen deb package 
ships with 10 overlays. However, I needed to have a custom one of our 
own. That way I can put our logo and a small line on each slide without 
needing to resort to special TeX tricks to achieve the same.

Here is what I did. I converted one of the overlays from pdf to ps and 
then opened it in GIMP to edit it, added a gradient and a small logo and 
saved it back as ps. Then I converted it to pdf and put it into the same 
directory as the other overlays.

However, when I use it in a pdfscreen document, its does not actually 
show up the same as other overlays. I even tried tweaking the (pixel) 
size of the image bu it still does not look the same.

So I'd like to know the other (and actual) way to generate the overlays 
in the first place. pdfscreen documentation does not say anything about 
designing custom overlays - I think that some docs on this would be a 
nice value addition to the package.


PS. Otherwise, pdfscreen is a great package for making screen and print 
presentations. CVR's demo during the TUGIndia - KA Chapter meet has 
really inspired us! Thanks!

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