[Tugindia] Re: Riddle from LinuxLingam

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Mon May 12 14:39:23 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Amitabh" == Amitabh Trehan <amitabhtrehan at softhome.net> writes:

    Amitabh>  I dont know why, by description Wrapfig seemed the ideal
    Amitabh> package for this. 

I think wrapfig wraps the text around the bounding box of the image,
while we needed to encroach a little bit of the bounding box area in
our present case which can easily be done with shapepar. As you know
bounding box is a rectangular area irrespective of the shape of the

    Amitabh> Will not using shapepar be a bit problematic across
    Amitabh> pages, if text finishes on one page. Also, if there are
    Amitabh> such figures (at times two on the same page) on every
    Amitabh> page, will text shaping have to be done at every
    Amitabh> place. 

Usually wrapfig would do the job, because the kind of figures that we
did now might be very few in a document where human intervention is
obviously needed. That is a disadvantage of using shapepar.

    Amitabh> It could be useful to just have fixed figure and let text
    Amitabh> wrap around figure with parameters in percentage of
    Amitabh> figure size telling where text should indent. Can this be
    Amitabh> sort of automated?

Maybe, it should be possible if someone tries hard in that direction.

    Amitabh>  Saying all that, the result of shapepar is pretty good,
    Amitabh> and real fancy almost.

Thanks, the credit goes to Donald Arseneau, the author of shapepar.


    Amitabh> I couldn't find pdftosrc on my GNU, but could take out
    Amitabh> the source from the pdf source.  Thanks,

I have pdftosrc in my system, it is part of TeXLive system. I use
pdfTeX compiled from sources and pdftosrc is part of that.



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