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> Hi friends,
>  Here is a flyer for the TUGDelhi meet for 4th May (2pm, maths deptt.
> IIT Delhi). Those in Delhi are requested to put it on notice 
> boards etc.
> so that interested people can attend.
>  The Agenda:
>  Presentations
> -------------
> 1) LinuxLingam  on Publishing concepts
> 2) intro on LaTeX for newbies and use of devnag at shallow water
> depth 
> 3)  Venkat explains on TeX fonts, their construction, virtual 
> fonts esp.
> with regd. to devnag .
HI, Hold on!  I am not an expert on virtual fonts and their
I was hoping that I could talk to some expert on these things in the
One thing I can explain is the ITRANS package.  Also, I managed install 
the lambda files for devanagari. These files are available in the omega
subdirectory of devanagari in CTAN. Simply really! Just look at the root
tree and recreate the directory structure in LOCALTEXMF. And refresh the
file name database. I have done it both for linux and Miktex.  To create
the .otp file to .ocp files one has to run otp2ocp on the otp files
supplied.  For example to convert the otp file hindi-uni2cuni.otp to ocp
one has to give the command `otp2ocp hindi-uni2cuni'.(NOTE: leave out
the .otp extension in the command!) I was able to process test files in
both the platforms. In particular, misspaal.tex compiled without any
much trouble after appropriate change. I had some problem with viewing
in Windows because I had old version of devanagari fonts. In linux the
command is `lambda <file-name>'.  In miktex, one needs to give the
command `omega &lambda <file-name>. Amitabh, since
you use Devnag in a big way, perhaps you can test this. Now, bold etc
should work with this.
Best regards,
S. Venkataraman.

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