[Tugindia] TeX for Carnatic Music typesetting

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Thu Mar 27 14:08:00 CET 2003

On 25 Mar 2003, Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan wrote:

> Do we have some way of typesetting Cannatic Music notation in Devanagari/
> Malayalam/Tamil?

I have some interest in this and had helped someone write up simple swara 
patterns in different tempos in LaTeX in english using srgmpdn; it was 
nothing much except I used underlining once, twice, thrice etc to indicate 
the tempo of the pattern and dots to indicate different octaves. In that 
connection I had thought about notation in carnatic music and looked into 
sangitha sampradaya pradarshini where a notation for gamakas is attempted. 
`TeX and friends' is eminently suited to this kind of a job.

I would be interested in doing something in this direction especially 
since my other interest is TeX / LaTeX for Indian languages. I reside in 
Bangalore and if you happen to stay close we could meet and discuss. 
>   http://carnatic2000.tripod.com/notation.htm

I looked at the above and imitated a small sample in LaTeX; please see the 
attached ps file (as the file was small I took the liberty of attaching 
with this mail. Sorry for any inconvenience to the listers). It was done 
just as I was writing this mail and has some errors, mainly of alignment; 
it was done just to show that it is possible.


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