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Manjusha Joshi bhaskara_p at vsnl.com
Wed Mar 12 14:14:47 CET 2003

Hi Amitabh,

You are  right!
Only to make it clear for the listers.
Just one correction Dr. Kalidoss not Dr. Ramadoss.


amitabhtrehan at softhome.net wrote:

> Hi all,
> kudoos to Dr. Ramadoss for a successful workshop and to Manjusha for 
> working really hard on the upcoming workshop in Pune. I have a few 
> suggestions:
> 1. We could establish a sort of loose guideline for organising 
> tugindia assissted workshops, which can be a precursor for TUG 
> certifications as some have previously suggested.
> 2. My personal opinion is that GnuLinux be used as platform of 
> instruction for workshops (for various well-known reasons). The 
> workshops will remain open in the sense of not being platform 
> dependent, which is actually easy, since in itself LaTeX is not fixed 
> to a particular platform. So, this is similiar to the tutorials held 
> at TUG Trivandrum.
> 3. Instead of circulating MikTeX Cds (as in Ramadoss's workshop) 
> TeXLive Cds should be distributed. TeXLive is a multi-platform 
> distribution. Actaully, the TeXLive7 CD distributed at TUG2002 was 
> only gnulinux based to keep it in single cd. TeXLive6 was  
> multi-platform in a single CD. I believe we can customize the CDs to 
> add additional packages as reqd. and keep it in one or two cds. I have 
> modified TeXLive6 CDs to incorporate the devnag package which is by 
> default outdated in the TeXLive CD, and it was not difficult. If we 
> distribute MiKTeX we dont give the users the option of using any other 
> platform except windows (If I am right).
> Amitabh
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