[Tugindia] font size and line spacing

E. Krishnan ekmath at md5.vsnl.net.in
Sat Jun 21 14:07:19 CEST 2003

On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, thoudam singh wrote:

> The meaning of disabling ( as I said ) is that I do not want page numbering.

The quickest way to disable pagenumbering is to go for the "empty" 
pagestyle by declaring


in the preamble.

>  Please let also me know to set title font size (Not default if any)  

The "title" in a LaTeX document is produced by the "\maketitle" command 
whose parameters are sort of hardwired into the various document classes. 
Rather than trying to tweak them to produce custom titles, the easiest way 
seems to be using the package "titling", available in the TeXLive CD. The 
CD contains the "titling.dtx" file, from which you can generate the 
documentation, by running latex.

> and spacing between two columns in a two column document to 1 cm.

Instead of using the "twocolumn" option for the "\documentclass" command, 
it seems better to use the package "multicol" for two (or any multicolumn) 
output. Here you can get the desired spacing between columns by the 


PS: Though you've written to me privately, I'm posting the reply to the 
list, since some others may also be interested in these things. 


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