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	Thank you Amitabh and CVR for reponding.
	>    ... also lshort (latex in 90 minutes) and LaTeX companion.
	Yes,  got  from `lshort'. From  the  combination  (detail given
	signature) I  needed (8,10,11,12 and  14pt), with base size
10pt, all
	other are avaiable except 11pt. While, with  other two base size
of 11
	and 12pt all are available.
	>    There is no font option for 14pt which you have to do
	Though I need base 10 or 11 and rest will be manuplated through
	etc. BTW  how I  can have  14pt as  base. I guess  there is
also some
	stylefile with with one can have very large size fonts.
	>    \usepackage{times} will help you load Times Roman font.
	Is `Times Roman' same as `Times New Roman'?
	What is the name of default font?
	Exact requirement
	Font: Times New Roman
	14 for the Title (Bold Title case)
	12 for the Author's Name/Authors' Names (Bold)
	11 for the affiliation
	10 for Abstract heading (Bold Title case)
	10 for the caption of Figures and Tables
	10 for the text and headings:
	        Main: Bold Title case
	        Subheadings : Italics Title case
	        Lower level headings : Italics with first letter cap
	8 for the footnote

	For title headings and so on you can try the following command:

{\f at baselineskip}\selectfont}

	I have put this in my own modified version of book.cls.  You can
put it in your file before preamble between 

	\makeatletter and \makeatother.  If you want 14pt for the
titlefont for example, you can define a command

	\newcommand{\titlefont}{\myfont[14]{b}} if you want 14pt bold,
times.  This is not a good idea if you want 

	to set long paragraphs though. It doesn't change the
baselineskip.  Of course, this modifies only the wieght, not the 

	shape,  so,  if you want italics, you will have to define
\newcommand[1]{\subheadingfont}{{\myfont[14]{n}\itshape #1}

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