[Tugindia] Re: Puzzled at parano.sty

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Sun Jun 15 06:00:22 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Ajay" == Ajay Shah <ajayshah at mayin.org> writes:

    Ajay> CVR, Attached is a 1st document where I tried to use
    Ajay> parano.sty.

    Ajay> I find that the moment I put \section{} commands into the
    Ajay> document, parano stops working.

    Ajay> Does this make sense?

    Ajay> Sample is attached. I just want a simple running paragraph
    Ajay> number that runs from the start of the document to the end
    Ajay> of the document.

Could you try the new version (1.3) available at:


It seems that I have fixed the bugs you'd found and added a few tweaks
that might be useful. If you dont use parskip (which changes the
parindent to 0pt}, you need to get back the original para indentation
after the parano is closed, which now works fine. 

However, there is one puzzling bug: the first para is always indented
unless you provide an explicit \noindent in the document.

Listers: Ajay and me were talking about a package that might help to
insert paragraph numbers in a document, which unfortunately is not
easy enough to do in a LaTeX document. parano.sty is the result of this
requirement and Ajay's goading. Here is the usage:

%% Usage of the commands provided:
%% \parano           ==> starts para numbering
%% \parano[<number>] ==> starts the next para with number <number>
%% \endparano        ==> stops para numbering
%% \prepara          ==> redefine to add material that needs to appear
%%                       before the para number. default is null
%% \postpara         ==> redefine to append material to para number.
%%                       default is null
%% \paranoboxwidth   ==> width of paranumber box, default 2em

No documentation is written yet, volunteers are welcome to write
documentation and a typical specimen document. May visit sarovar.org
and join me if you like.

More bug reports and feature requests are welcome. Once we are more
comfortable with the functionality of parano.sty, we shall release at



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