[Tugindia] Suggestion about tutorial filenames

Deepak Jois subscriptions at vyom.org
Fri Jun 13 11:15:04 CEST 2003

Hi All
I faintly remember somebody else posting about this a while ago. I cant 
recall it offhand. 

However, I just realised after downloading the tutorials from the TUG India 
site that it could be much more helpful if the tutorials could be named by 
their title as well as the chapter number. Naming it just by the chapter 
number makes it a bit difficult to look for stuff when I am actually typing 
a LaTeX document. 

For instance *chap05-prn.pdf* can be renamed to something like 
*chap05-Boxes-prn.pdf* and so on. 

Just a suggestion. 

Thanks and Regards

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