[Tugindia] [Organizational]Plan of Action for the next year

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Thu Apr 3 15:55:38 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Satish" == Satish Babu <sb at inapp.com> writes:


    Satish> * Rejuvenation of the on-line graphics tutorial and plans
    Satish> for tutorial on TeX programming which is the third and
    Satish> concluding part

I would volunteer for the on-line tutorial efforts and would find more
time to devote for the orderly dissemination of tutorial material in a
timely fashion which is going through an unpredictable schedule now.
I saw a few anxious comments in the psTricks mailing list about the
delay in publishing the second chapter of graphics tutorial while most
of the users acknowledged the usefulness of the first chapter (a
matter of proud for the tutorial team) privately and publicly
including Denis Girou (the current maintainer of psTricks package).

The second chapter is on the making, hope to release very soon.

I would invite volunteers to create content for the following topics:

  * Metapost
  * mpic

  * xypic

  * WARMread and postscript figure labelling
  * presentations (seminar, pdfseminar, prosper), of course, I can
    write about pdfscreen and pdfslide.

  * circuit macros

  * music(x)TeX

  * fonts, fontinst and allied packages

  * On-line math (other disciplines too) quizes

These are all the items that I can remember now. People are requested
to add to this list.

Coming to the third and final volume of tutorial namely, TeX
  programming, we plan to start with a detailed exposition of memoir
  class with its myriad possibilities of easy and enjoyable tweaking
  from an user point of view. This would eliminate most of the nagging
  problems many users encounter when using LaTeX as their text

Then we go at length about the day to day problems of advanced
  typesetting and solutions for them from a practical and real world
  perspective. The aim is to help the text processing industry to
  migrate to TeX.

The next session would be on class, style and package writing, its
  challenges, prospects, tips and tricks.

And lastly, insights on using TeX as a language other than for
  typesetting, for converting TeX documents to other markup formats
  like SGML, XML, HTML, MathML and even to another TeX format --
  ConTeXt to LaTeX or LaTeX to ConTeXt or a complex macro ridden LaTeX
  document to simple degraded LaTeX document. Useful programming tips
  for how to create a series of multipage reports from a delimited
  ASCII text exported from spreadsheets created with gnumeric, ocalc
  or excel and problems relating to TeX and databases would also
  discussed in detail.

With that we conclude the final volume on TeX programming tutorial.

People are further requested to volunteer for the items in the list
posted by Satish which they find appropriate for them so that TUGIndia
remain active always.


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