[Tugindia] Good LaTeX for beginner on Windows

Anurag Sharma tugindia@tug.org
Sat, 28 Sep 2002 16:54:22 +1000


I want  to introduce LaTeX  to my friends  who are window  users. As I
never used LaTeX on window, I have some doubt. Please clarify them.

1) If one  uses "TexnicCenter", then does he need  Mike LaTeX port. Or
user need any one of them.

>  Yes you need to Install Miktex along with "Texniccenter" as its just an
editor. By the way I would suggest one more editor(Winedt NOT winedit) for
tex( www.winedt.org and www.winedt.com). It also requires installation of
miktex as a precondition. However, it's not free, there is a minimal fee for
life long license.

2) Does these are included in TeXLive7, or their equivalent. If not,
what TeXLive7 offer for window users.

> I am not sure of Texlive but Miktex is  in itself capable of doing
anything possible in Latex and can be either downloaded from www.miktex.org
for free or a CD can be ordered. It includes options of downloading new
packages as well as updating the older ones.
3)  Which is  the best  LaTeX  varient for  window user  as per  their
standard of easeness and friendliness. I heard fpTeX is good.

> As far as students are concerned pdflatex is most convenient as it
supports packages like pdfslides and ppower4.


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