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Thu, 19 Sep 2002 02:42:00 -0400

h.s. rai

thanks for your comments, and compliments!

btw, china was represented. we had hong feng, publisher of FREE SOFTWARE
and one of the key members of FSF-China attending TUG2002. he dirstibuted
hard copies of the first (or was it second) issue of the magazine. do look
up  http://www.rons.net.cn/hongfeng.html  for more info about hong feng.

about spread of awareness of TeX, as i had said in my talk, unlike in many
western countries, TeX arrived in India in big numbers, primarily because
of typsetting companies who are vendors to big scientific publsihers such
as Elsevier. and this part of the Indian community was well represented.

i think radhakrishnan has identified (and i also stressed this in my talk),
a key bottlneck for spread of TeX in India. that is the shortage of
trainers. and if you excluded trainers who do it as non-paid volunteer
work, there's very few indeed. we need tugindia to facilitate this, not
only through volunteers, but also on a commercial basis. maybe some of the
indian publishing companies or TeX vendors can support this aspect of


ajit ranade.

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