[Tuglist] RE: Omega

S. venkataraman tuglist@tug.org.in
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 10:03:50 +0530

> True, can you suggest any other efficient way of typesetting Tamil
> with TeX and without preprocessor?
>     SV> Suppose we use a text editor that can be used to type in
>     SV> english and tamil.  We can type the commands in english but
>     SV> can use font changing command to switch to other languages.
>     SV> I saw the omega tex home page and this seems to support this
>     SV> sort of a thing.  
> Yes, Omega can support Tamil typesetting, provided someone volunteers
> to write the necessary OTP's required for the same. This will
> obviously eliminate the usage of preprocessor. Can you volunteer to
> write the OTP's for Tamil? Only a person with knowledge of Tamil can
> effectively do this.
	I am not a texnician! I will try to find out what it involves.
Yes, I would 
	definitely like to try.
>     SV> Are there editors available?  
> Yudit supports most of the Indian languages and input can be saved in
> unicode which is acceptable to Omega.
>     SV> How hard is this to accomplish in omega tex?  
> It is not Omega tex, but Omega.
>     SV> For example will the metafont files of the usual tex be of any
>     SV> use in creating fonts for omega tex? 
> yes.
	Already, university of Washington at St Louis has created tamil 
	tex fonts.  For hindi, there are fonts by Velthuis.  The
metafont files 
	are also available.  How can this be used?
	How about using cork 8-bit encoding? Will it help? I mean,
creating 8-bit
	fonts like ec fonts, will it help? I do not understand ec fonts
very well
	but I do know 
	that it allows one to use extra characters (128 more!) . I guess
	are perhaps matters to be persued at an individual level through
	research and exploration, but I would like some pointers, some
point where I can 
	start from.  Omega being new, there is very little documentation
	[S. venkataraman]