[Tuglist] Membership of TUG India.

Radhakrishnan CV tuglist@tug.org.in
18 Sep 2002 17:24:38 +0530

>>>>> "SV" == S venkataraman <svenkat@ignou.ac.in> writes:

    SV> Hi!  1) How can one become a member of TUG India?  The website
    SV> says that work is in progress. Anything to announce?

You are a member of TUGIndia by subscribing to this list.

    SV> 2) This question cannot be new.  Is it possible to type tamil(
    SV> or any other indian language)directly the way we type english?
    SV> The commands could be in english, but one should be able to
    SV> latex the file without a preprocessor.

I think, with TeX one needs to use a preprocessor to typeset Tamil.

    SV> The problem with packages that use transliteration is that it
    SV> is a very ineffecient procedure.

True, can you suggest any other efficient way of typesetting Tamil
with TeX and without preprocessor?

    SV> Suppose we use a text editor that can be used to type in
    SV> english and tamil.  We can type the commands in english but
    SV> can use font changing command to switch to other languages.

    SV> I saw the omega tex home page and this seems to support this
    SV> sort of a thing.  

Yes, Omega can support Tamil typesetting, provided someone volunteers
to write the necessary OTP's required for the same. This will
obviously eliminate the usage of preprocessor. Can you volunteer to
write the OTP's for Tamil? Only a person with knowledge of Tamil can
effectively do this.

    SV> Are there editors available?  

Yudit supports most of the Indian languages and input can be saved in
unicode which is acceptable to Omega.

    SV> How hard is this to accomplish in omega tex?  

It is not Omega tex, but Omega.

    SV> For example will the metafont files of the usual tex be of any
    SV> use in creating fonts for omega tex? 


    SV> I saw that omega tex is one of the topics discussed in
    SV> tugindia. 

You meant TUG2002? The proceedings will be made available directly to
the participants by TUG office in the US and not TUGIndia. Preprints
of all papers have already been provided to all participants of TUG2002.

    SV> I would like to get some information about this.  I hope this
    SV> will be possible if I become a member.

Free membership does not earn anything except technical help through
this mailing list which is what is most needed for most of the TeX