[Tuglist] Tug2002: Hangover?

Radhakrishnan CV tuglist@tug.org.in
18 Sep 2002 09:24:58 +0530

>>>>> "HSR" == H S Rai <hsraidce@iitr.ernet.in> writes:


    CVR> The post conference report, links to the next one, a
    CVR> representative selection of photographs will be made
    CVR> available before the end of next week.

    HSR> That will be nice!

    HSR> Is it possible to furnish data regarding:

    HSR> a) Country wise partcipation in TUG2002.

Australia     2 

Canada        3

Czech Rep     1 

Denmark       1

France        3 

Germany       4

Iran          2 

India        43

Hungary       1 

Poland        1

Netherlands   2 

Switzerland   1

UK            6 

US            3

    HSR> b) State wise participation in TUG2002 for indian
    HSR> participants.

Indian participation was more or less evenly divided among the
following states:

Kerala (Trivandrum)

Tamil Nadu (Chennai and Trichy)

Karnataka (Bangalore)

Maharashtra (Mumbai and Pune)


    HSR> c) Number of TUGIndia members.


    HSR> d) TUGIndia member's geographical position.

Dont know

    HSR> d) Number of TUGIndia members attended TUG2002.


    HSR> e) Number of NRI attended TUG2002.


It was a pity that Indians missed an opportunity to participate in the
conference although the fees were substantially subsidized by 
government of Kerala (Indians need to pay only Rs. 4000 instead of the
normal fee of Rs. 12000). Further more, only one person from India
availed the bursary assistance of TUG and she got $200. A good portion
of bursary fund was left unclaimed. TUG was kind enough to sanction a
bursary assistance request that came up as late as mid August
although the deadline was third week of June. All in all, I felt that
Indians missed a chance, many more could have participated without
much strain.

90% of Indian participation was from the text processing industry.
One delegate from Trichy (Dr Murugesh Kalidoss) and a few in the
organizing committee belonged to academia. We had an unexpected
participant from the banking industry, Ajit Ranade (Chief Economist
ABN AMRO Bank) who delivered the keynote address, "the status of TeX
in India" which he did wonderfully well.