[Tuglist] Tug2002: Hangover?

H.S.Rai tuglist@tug.org.in
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 11:07:16 +0530 (IST)

Yesterday at 9:24am +0530 Radhakrishnan CV wrote:[B

>    Australia 2


The data provided by CVR, is presenting this scenario:

43  participants  were  from  India  while  30  from  other  countries
representing 12 countries.

The China, Pakistan,  Sri Lanka, could not participate  in addition to
many other countries.

25 States of India could not  take benefit of this event. The majority
of participants  were from South  India with exception of  Delhi, that
may be it being the capital of India.

Only 6.32% of  Tug-India members could make use of  event, and I guess
only 2% may  be non organizers and  rest must be a  part of organizing
committee (CVR, Please correct this figure, if my estimate is wrong).

>    It was a pity that Indians missed an opportunity

That was bad luck. Or they could  not recognize the importance of this
event. But it is  equally a matter of pride and  of great satisfaction
that this event held in India with grand success.

>    availed the bursary assistance of TUG and she got $200.

May be awareness problem.

>    90%  of  Indian  participation   was  from  the  text  processing
>    industry.  One delegate from Trichy  (Dr Murugesh Kalidoss) and a
>    few in the organizing committee belonged to academia.

I don't know  about how much TeX is relevant  to Universities, Medical
and Engineering colleges, organization  and other academic institutes,
for  official and  personal use.   Even I  didn't get  any comment  on
request  "about  how to  convince  M$  folk"  as  requeted in  one  of
my  previous  mails. Can  interaction between  industry  and  academic
institutes be beneficial to both?

Dr. Murugesh Kalidoss must be congratulated on being the only delegate
from  academia. But  the moot  point  here  may  be why  the  academic
personalities which happen  to be a part of  organizing committee fail
to bring their  colleagues and students. Are they able  to promote TeX
in their respective places?

>    We had an unexpected participant  from the banking industry, Ajit
>    Ranade (Chief Economist ABN AMRO  Bank) who delivered the keynote
>    address, "the  status of TeX  in India" which he  did wonderfully
>    well.

Salute to Ajit Ranade.



1) Above views  and observations  are  my personal. The  focus  is  to
   promote TeX and not to hurt or criticise any in person.

2) CVR: Please  let me know  is this type  of discussion comes  in the
   purview of list. If not, I will stop immediately.