[Tugindia] suggestions

Kapil Hari Paranjape tugindia@tug.org
Fri, 27 Dec 2002 11:05:58 +0530

Dear Utpal,

On Fri, Dec 27, 2002 at 09:33:17AM +0500, utpal deka wrote:

> I am Utpal, a graduate student. I am working in Linux and use latex
> oftenly. Currently, I am writing my thesis and faced some problem
> while using latex.

RTFM is often the best solution with questions on tugindia only after

> I am using a \documentclass[book] for my purpose to get the

I think it should be \documentclass{book}

> chapters. Now, while defining \chapter, I get the default output. I
> want to change the font size & style of the chapter that appears at
> the top of the page with the chapter number at the right. I tried
> using \chapter{CHAPTER} which gives me caps and also used
> \chapter{\textsc{Chapter}}, but of no use. I am unable to use other
> styles like Italic for the same. Please, suggest me how to do it and
> also to get the whole chapter and chaptername to the right of the
> page?

Are you sure you want to do this? A lot of thought has gone into the
design of the style file for books. Italic chapter headings sounds
just terrible! Maybe you want to look at other styles such as amsbook
or suthesis or other thesis style files such as diploma. In my own
humble opinion styles of headings and such are not to be tampered with
lightly---especially for a document as important as a thesis!

Anyway, for what you want you need to add your own amendment to the
\chapter command with \renewcommand\chapter....
You can look at the existing version in book.cls then make a new style
file (mythesis.sty) where you can put all the renewcommands that you

> Second, I was trying to change the appendix counter like Appendix-A
> to say Appendix-C. In case of changing chapter counters it can be
> done by using the calc package and adding to counter. How should I
> change in case of \Alph like appendix?

This is automatic. When a counter contains "3" then \Alph produces C.

> macros like # is by default. How should I include xfigs containing
> texts in latex file? Moreover, how should I include other graphics
> file like *.tiff, *jpg, *.bmp etc in latex?

Please read the archives of this mailing list. This topic has been
covered many times. You need to convert other graphics formats to eps
in order to include them in your LaTeX file with graphics.sty

> Fourth, If i want to include different chapters under the book class
> definition of document to edit each chapter seperately, will I have
> to the preamble in case of the chapters which are written
> seperately. e.g.  \documentclass[book] .........  \begin{document}
> .......  \include{chapter1} Now, should this chapters contain a
> preamble or it should be simple tex files without preamble.
> \include{chapter2}

The preamble is only in the main document and not in the include
files. Have a look at the section (LaTeX book) on \includeonly to
speed up processing when your are looking at thesis drafts.

> Your suggestions will help me a lot to ovecome this difficulty I am
> currently facing. I hope you will help me to sort out my problems.

>From your mail it is more and more clear to me that you should not be
tampering with style files. It is best if you look for all the
different existing style files for books/monographs/thesis and choose
one that you like best.