[Tugindia] suggestions ( for thesis )

H S Rai tugindia@tug.org
Fri, 27 Dec 2002 12:17:04 +0530 (IST)

Today at 9:33am +0500 utpal deka wrote:

>   I am using a \documentclass[book] ...

There  are a  lot many  styles, specifically  written for  thesis. For
detail visit:


Be aware that playing with each style need time.

>   Third,  I was  trying  to use  graphs drawn  in  xfig in  latex. I
>   followed the same instructions to include  it as given in the help
>   of xfig. While  doing latex  of the file  it showed  errors saying
>   that the latex version cannot go with macros #.

Export your drawing to eps file and include it.

IMHO, as  TeX user, we  should try to  use appropriate style  file and
should not try to change each  and every appearance. As we as a normal
user are  not expert in  layout and composing  principles. Styles file
are written  with great care and  we should take appearance  as it is,
because it is said for TeX and LaTex that writer should concentrate on
subject matter rather  its look. LaTeX will take care  of look. If one
consider expert in  layout design and want to have  title, section and
other  layout of  his  choice,  then either  he  should  use any  word
processor in  un-structural manner  or write his  own style  for LaTeX
(but I  believe there is  no need  to do this  as there are  already a
number of style files to satisfy one's need)


PS: Please ask one question per  mail with appropriate subject, to get
    better response. Also see archieve of list.