[Tugindia] First impression of "devnag"

Sumit Bhardwaj tugindia@tug.org
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 18:45:23 +0530

I don't know about others but I, Prof. Wagish Shukla and Amitabh Trehan use 
devnag a lot and find it to be the best we can have. And in fact, I strongly 
believe that phonetic based entry is a practical way to get things done 
because since I speak five languages (3 scripts), I am not going to get 3 

Anyhow, I think "Sumit Bhardwaj" would be written as "sumIta bhAradvAja" with 
sanskrit mode in devnag  and "Hardeep Singh Rai" as "haradIpa siMha rAya".

You can get some consolation by the fact that devnag like tex has a learning 
curve and thus would take time.


On Mon Dec 16 2002 17:28, H S Rai wrote:
> I installed and used "devnag" package to get output in Hindi, just out
> of curiosity,  as it is not  my requirement. Though I have  never used
> Hindi  or any  other  regional language,  but it  is  my feeling  that
> "phonetic  based entry"  should be  bad as  compare to  normal way  of
> typing because it seems un-natural to type Hindi in English. Anyhow, I
> experimented little with dev and found it is very difficult to produce
> what you want using preprocessor. Rather it is easier to type directly
> in tex file and no need to use pre-processor.
> I tries  to get my name  in Hindi. I failed to  get using preprocessor
> after a large  number of trials, but  I could get it  while working in
> tex file directly with much less number of trials.
> "Hardeep Singh Rai" will be written in tex as "hrdFp Es\2G rAy"
> What is the experience of other list members.

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