[tlu] TLU Crashes under Latest Python

Craig A. Rich carich at cpp.edu
Tue Mar 9 18:58:14 CET 2021

Apparently, TLU calls a Python method name writePlistToBytes in package plistlib. It has been obsolete for a while (use dumps instead), but was removed in Python 3.9, causing TLU to crash using the latest Python. Here’s the message logged:

Parsing the database from this repository failed with the following error: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Applications/TeX/TeX Live Utility.app/Contents/MacOS/parse_tlpdb.py", line 476, in <module>
    _save_as_plist(all_packages, options.output_path)
  File "/Applications/TeX/TeX Live Utility.app/Contents/MacOS/parse_tlpdb.py", line 419, in _save_as_plist
    bytes_output = plistlib.writePlistToBytes(plist)
AttributeError: module 'plistlib' has no attribute 'writePlistToBytes'

Thank you,

Dr. Craig A. Rich, Professor Emeritus              mailto:carich at cpp.edu
Computer Science Department                  http://www.cpp.edu/~carich/
Cal Poly Pomona
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