[tlu] new beta

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Sat Dec 19 07:11:05 CET 2020

New beta, as the subject says.

I disabled the custom drawing code for the URL field and search field unconditionally, since they looked funny on Mojave. That should fix Bruno's issue that he reported months ago; my response to him was wrong, as I did have a custom NSSearchField class for some reason. I just couldn't figure out how to see it in Apple's dreadful Interface Builder. Sorry about that.

Hopefully someone running High Sierra or earlier can confirm that this looks okay.

I also added a plist key to try and make sure it won't show up as a default application for URLs. This might break the updater, and I haven't tested it thoroughly since I have multiple versions lying around here and I don't feel like fighting with Launch Services tonight.


There are also some updates to localizations. Hopefully that's all fine, but let me know if there are problems.


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