[tlu] About Font Size changing

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Wed Apr 15 17:52:34 CEST 2020


> On Apr 15, 2020, at 07:39 , 若松久仁光 <harmos2 at yahoo.co.jp> wrote:
> How can I change a font-size ?
> If possible when I use via terminal this [sudo tlmgr paper a4] command
> at the  same time add a [ font-size 16pt etc.] as an extra option CMD.
>  Can not I use such a context?
> I know how to change Font-size with editing Menu.
> This is not a permanent, I think.

For what are you trying to change the font size? The Edit menu in TeX Live Utility allows you to change the size of the font used to display items in TeX Live Utility's interface, and it is permanent. If the changes aren't permanent, that's a bug.

If you are trying to change the size of the font used in all TeX documents, I'm not aware of a way to do that. As a LaTeX user, it's generally specified as an option each time you create a document, e.g.,


I'm afraid this isn't much help, but maybe with more specifics on your problem, someone with better knowledge of TeX can help you.

Adam Maxwell

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