[tlu] First Time in a Long Time

Norbert Preining norbert at preining.info
Sat Sep 14 19:02:27 CEST 2019

On Sat, 14 Sep 2019, Adam R. Maxwell wrote:
> > First I did not understand what you meant by "separate asynchronous threads", but now I get it: reading the list of packages on CTAN's and Norbert's servers are independent tasks carried out in parallel. Yesterday TLU could reach CTAN's server but not Norbert's, hence the wheel that kept spinning. Today TLU can reach both servers, the order in which they appear in the log being immaterial.

Sorry, that was my failure. I made permanent redirects to https for all
service, and messed up a missing /, so some request just got hosed due
to the wrong redirect url. FIxed it soon after I got up and could think
straight again ;-)

> I guess I could wait for a while and then kill the GPG update check if it doesn't succeed. Or maybe tlmgr has a way to configure a timeout if it can't reach a server to list updates?

There is already a timeout AFAIR...


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