[tldistro] TexLive on MSYS2

Naveen M K naveen at syrusdark.website
Mon Apr 5 16:46:05 CEST 2021

Hi Norbert,

>> I think other than the config files others should be automatically generated, right? 
> Well, in TeX Live itself, tlmgr generates that from the information in
> the texlive.tlpdb, which contains 
> 	execue addFormat ...
> Distributors need to decide how to deal with that. Actually, formats and
> font defs (updmap stuff) is the most common case where distributors just
> fail. If you have multiple packages, you need to update the fmtutil.cnf
> (and updmap.cfg and language.dat, language.lua.dat) according to the set
> of packages actually installed.

Maybe I can do something similar? I got an idea on how it is made.
Let me explain and can you check where it is correct?

First, get `texlive.tlpdb` from one of the mirrors. Then, that must be 
parsed (I had a working implementation in python, I will just reuse it). 
Then I think Archlinux texlive-core package is based of 
`scheme-medium`[0], so I would get all the packages which belong to that 
scheme and recursively get the package parsing `depend` (I got around 
1000), then those must be downloaded from the mirror and create the 
source archive which arch people already created.

After that, `texlive-core.fmts` can be created by getting all the things 
in defined as

	execute AddFormat ...

in `texlive.tlpdb` for the packages which we wanted. For example, I am 
picking a line from `texlive.tlpdb` under xetex package

	execute AddFormat name=xetex engine=xetex patterns=language.def 
options="-etex xetex.ini" 

 From this the corresponding line in `texlive-core.fmts` should be

	xetex xetex language.def -etex xetex.ini

Is this understanding correct about `.fmts` files?

After that for the `texlive-core.maps` things are defined as
	execute addMap ...

in `texlive.tlpdb` for the packages which we wanted. For example, I am 
picking a line from `texlive.tlpdb` under context package

	execute addMap original-context-symbol.map

 From this the corresponding line in `texlive-core.maps` should be

	Map original-context-symbol.map

Again is this correct?

For all the extra packages we create similar things can be made and 
placed accordingly and I can configure hooks to run `mktexlsr`, 
`fmtutil-sys` and `updmap-sys` on each upgrade and install.

Finally, all things should be placed in correct directories, which I 
need to find out.

>>> You might start actually using TeX Live and trying to configure things
>>> before trying to package it.
>> Can you suggest anywhere to start with about configurations?
> Puuh, not an easy questions. Maybe reading the POD documentation of
> TeXLive::TLPOBJ, TeXLive::TLPDB, and tlmgr?


> You can do it, but you need to invest time and lots of testing. I am
> here to help you with that, but I won't do the work/testing for you.

Thanks for your help :).

[0]... https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/TeX_Live#Installation


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