[tlbuild] FreeBSD-5 binaries for Tex Live 2009 available

Nikola Lečić nikola.lecic at anthesphoria.net
Fri Mar 5 20:24:20 CET 2010

Hash: RIPEMD160

Hi Scott, hi everyone,

Although FreeBSD-5.X is no longer officially supported by the FreeBSD
project, it seems that 5-STABLE branch still has significant number
of users. After receiving a number of requests for TL binaries for
FreeBSD-5, I decided to make them available (i386 and amd64): 


The Ports tree from the time of releases on the 5-STABLE branch did not
include xz/lzma port, so I prepared xz/xzdec binaries for all versions:


Because the 5-STABLE branch is now officially unsupported, please note
the following:

* TL2009 binaries are built in 5.5-RELEASE worlds, using _old_ Ports
  tree (CVS tag RELEASE_5_5_0, nearly 4 years ago), since it is unlikely
  and certainly technically impossible that existing FreeBSD-5 users
  track current Ports Collection.

* That Ports tree includes pre-modular Xorg and old version of gettext.
  If you, however, use FreeBSD-5 with newer Ports, the following
  binaries possibly will not run as expected or will not run at all:

    asy (alone or through xasy)
    xindy.run (through xindy)
    xdvi-xaw (through xdvi)

  To make xindy, xdvi and mf usable, you can try to put something like
  this in /etc/libmap.conf, configuration file for dynamic object
  dependency mapping (this functionality is supported on FreeBSD>=5.1):

	libintl.so.6 libintl.so.8

	libXdmcp.so.0 libXdmcp.so.6

	libXdmcp.so.0 libXdmcp.so.6

  I tried this approach with smaller examples with all these binaries
  with good results.

* As for (x)asy, OpenGL functionality will most likely be usable only
  with old Ports. With newer Ports/Xorg, it is highly unlikely that asy
  will work with documents that include OpenGL-related contents.

Please report if you have any problems with these binaries.

Best wishes,
- -- 
Nikola Lečić = Никола Лечић
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