[texworks] Report a bug about XeLaTeX

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 20:28:35 CEST 2021

I suspect this problem doesn't have anything to do with TeXworks -- it 
looks like a problem in xelatex or a package you're using.  I'm not sure 
where you should write about it.

Here's some general advice that may or may not be relevant:

- Documents with references need (at least) two passes, and some scripts 
only run one pass at a time.  The first pass makes a record of all the 
label definitions, and the second pass inserts them appropriately.  So 
your first issue may be normal behaviour.  The error on the second 
compile is not normal.

- It's hard to debug things without a reproducible example.  Can you put 
together a minimal document that illustrates the second issue?  (Let's 
say 30 lines max.)  Don't send it to the texworks list; find an 
appropriate list for it, or, if you can't, send it just to me:  but I'm 
not a frequent xelatex user so it's quite likely I won't be able to help.

Duncan Murdoch

On 18/07/2021 9:49 a.m., 王天祺 wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam:
>      I am a Chinese user of TeXworks Editor. Recently I have some 
> trouble compiling my LaTeX code in Chinese. When I use \ref{} and 
> compile with XeLaTeX, it shows ?? in the PDF for the first time and 
> returns to normal only if you compile it again. Moreover, if I use 
> \ref{} in the title of a section or a subsection while the \label{} is 
> after the \ref{}, sometimes there will be an error the second time you 
> compile it with XeLaTeX and the PDF will remain ?? no matter how many 
> times you compile it. I am currently using overleaf instead to avoid the 
> problem and I sincerely hope that you could solve it somehow. Please 
> check the way you create the .toc file, thank you.
>      Looking forward to your reply.
> Yours, Wang Tianqi

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