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Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 17:44:23 CET 2021

Hi Phil,

On 23.02.21 11:08, Philip Taylor wrote:
>>>   * [Requested features] Support for draggable rulers
>> As a feature request, this is not likely to happen before this
>> release. That being said, what do you mean by "draggable"? (I assume
>> you mean rulers in the PDF preview?)
> Draggable as in the Adobe CC suite — two rulers, one horizontal (above
> the preview), one vertical (to the left of the preview, or perhaps to
> the right for RTL UIs), from which one can drag guide lines which then
> remain overlaying the preview to allow accurate measurement,
> comparison, etc.


> But two other things while I think of them —
>  1. The previewer does not seem to know which source documented
>     generated the preview.  Let there be three files, 1.tex, 1.tmp (a
>     text file) & 1.pdf.  Let 1.pdf be the result of compiling 1.tex. 
>     Then all the while that 1.tex and 1.pdf remain open, hitting
>     "Compile" in the preview window will cause 1.tex to be compiled. 
>     But if one closes 1.tex, leaving 1.tmp & 1.pdf open (1.tmp in the
>     source pane, of course, being a text file), then hitting "Compile"
>     in the preview window causes the system to attempt to compile 1.tmp

This is (currently) "by design". There are a number of ways TeXworks
internally "associates" a source file with an output file. Mostly a
source and output are associated if they share the same filename, but
there are other aspects in play as well (e.g., the %!TeX root
directive). Note that the extension does not play a role in this (after
all, you could have all sorts of possible extensions for the source
file, from .tex over .ltx to some more obscure extensions, particularly
if you use custom typesetting tools that might preprocess your code to
produce some intermediate TeX representation).

So in your case, both 1.tex and 1.tmp are initially associated with
1.pdf. Typesetting is currently always initiated from a source file, so
when the only (open, i.e. currently associated) source file is 1.tmp,
that is used.

That being said, this will hopefully improve in the process of
refactoring the code to support projects. But there is no quick and easy
fix for this right now, unfortunately.

>  1. File/open in the preview window does not pre-select ".pdf" as the
>     extension as I would expect it to, leaving it at the default of
>     ".tex".

This should now be fixed (hopefully without breaking anything else).

Thanks for all your suggestions!
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