[texworks] Call for Help: Testing

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Tue Feb 23 11:08:06 CET 2021

Stefan Löffler wrote:

> Hi Phil,
> thanks for testing and sharing your ideas!
>> [...]
> That looks correct.
>> [...]
> Absolutely. Please note, though, that at this stage I will likely not 
> add any new features (especially none that come with changes to the 
> user interface, which will then need translations, etc.).
>>   * [Bug] Attempting to save a new file as "Bundler.cover" with "Save
>>     file as" set to "All files (*)" results in the file being saved
>>     as "Bundler.cover.tex"; there appears no way to save it as
>>     "Bundler.cover" as desired.
> Interesting. This works for me as expected on Linux. I'll have to look 
> into it on Windows.

Thank you.

>>   * [Requested features] Support for draggable rulers
> As a feature request, this is not likely to happen before this 
> release. That being said, what do you mean by "draggable"? (I assume 
> you mean rulers in the PDF preview?)

Draggable as in the Adobe CC suite — two rulers, one horizontal (above 
the preview), one vertical (to the left of the preview, or perhaps to 
the right for RTL UIs), from which one can drag guide lines which then 
remain overlaying the preview to allow accurate measurement, comparison, 

>>   * Support for Ctrl +, Ctrl - & Ctrl 0 (zoom in, zoom out, fit to
>>     screen).  For that matter, Ctrl 1 (actual size) would also be useful.
> I have all those (and more). Again, might be an OS thing (or possibly 
> a translation thing), but those functions are in the PDF View menu and 
> have the precise shortcuts you mention (except "fit to screen", which 
> probably translate to "fit to window", which for me is Ctrl 3)

OK, I can now see that Ctrl-{1,2,3} & Ctrl-+/- do something; as Ctrl-0 
did not, I did not think to check the others !  But Ctrl-0 does nothing 
for me, and for me that is also perhaps the most important.  I 
instinctively hit Ctrl-0 to see a whole document, since that shortcut is 
common to so many different programs.

>>   * The ability to open multiple source files in separate tabs of a
>>     single window
> This has been on my wishlist for a long time, but unfortunately 
> requires some more internal restructuring first (which is on the way, 
> not not yet completed).

>>   * Add an "Open-as" option, within which the encoding can be specified.
> This could be nice. My preferred method would be to auto-detect the 
> encoding if possible, however.
If it auto-detects, then I think that if it detected anything other than 
the default (UTF-8), it should alert the user to that effect.

> Until that's done, you can open the document, select the desired 
> encoding in the status bar and then hit "reload using selected 
> encoding". I know it's a bit cumbersome (especially if you need to use 
> it a lot), but it should work.
> BTW: There is also a "magic comment" to define the encoding 
> [https://github.com/TeXworks/texworks/wiki/Magic-Comments].

Yes, someone told me of that before.  I have added it to those of my 
legacy documents that I have been able to identify.

>>   * Could TeXworks be enhanced to (a) recognise, and (b) insert if
>>     absent, a BOM in UTF-8 files ?
> It should be recognized, and you can toggle the insertion from the 
> status bar (clicking on the encoding should open a menu which has an 
> entry "write utf-8 byte order mark").
>>   * Would it be possible to augment TeXworks such that, no matter in
>>     which window Ctrl-F/R is typed, it is interpreted in the context
>>     of the source window rather than the preview window ?  As this
>>     would be a change to current behaviour, it would have to be
>>     specified by a user preference or similar. And for the rare
>>     occasion where one /does /want to search (but not replace !) in
>>     the preview window, perhaps this functionality could be exposed
>>     by Ctrl+Shft+F or similar.
> Hm, interesting idea, but I'd have to think about it.

Thank you.

>>   * And/or — amend TeXworks to /not/ steal focus from the text-mode
>>     window when the PDF is displayed.  A frequent usage scenario is
>>     that one is performing a series of search-and-replace experiments
>>     in the text-mode window while observing the effect in the PDF
>>     window, and with the current behaviour the next search is
>>     invariably a "Search PDF" rather than a "Search text" as desired.
> You can (sort of) do that already. In the preferences under 
> Typesetting, select your tool, click "Edit..." and untick "View PDF 
> after running". The first time you tex a new document, you'd have to 
> open it manually (e.g. via "Window > Go to preview". Any other time 
> you open the tex, the pdf should still be opened automatically, and 
> TeXworks would not "steal" your focus.

Interesting, I will try that (and report back).  Thank you, Stefan !

But two other things while I think of them —

 1. The previewer does not seem to know which source documented
    generated the preview.  Let there be three files, 1.tex, 1.tmp (a
    text file) & 1.pdf.  Let 1.pdf be the result of compiling 1.tex. 
    Then all the while that 1.tex and 1.pdf remain open, hitting
    "Compile" in the preview window will cause 1.tex to be compiled. 
    But if one closes 1.tex, leaving 1.tmp & 1.pdf open (1.tmp in the
    source pane, of course, being a text file), then hitting "Compile"
    in the preview window causes the system to attempt to compile 1.tmp

 2. File/open in the preview window does not pre-select ".pdf" as the
    extension as I would expect it to, leaving it at the default of ".tex".

** Phil.

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