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I am working now with very large text, about 10000 rows of code, 100 files. And suddenly I was not able to compile text. The strange error was in \xymatrix that it cannot compile Russian text. There was not Russian text there. It was not possible to prepare small example, because it was not clear what happened. Separating file by file, I found file where problem was. Then I separated macros which I used in this file and after 4 days of search I found that problem was probably in using macro \Row. When I renamed this macro, everything was fine.


So why I tell this story. Before recent time was some kind agreement about naming of macros. Like system macros did not use capital letters. But this year I second time meet the case when this agreement is broken. So I cannot be warranted that next time have to rename few more macros. 


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Derivative in Banach algebra


=1⊗ x+x⊗1


  d x2 =(1⊗ x+x⊗1) ◦dx=dx x+x dx




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