[texworks] TexWorks Multiple Integrals

Bello, Erika Natalia erbello at iu.edu
Tue Mar 31 07:23:25 CEST 2020


My name is Erika Bello and I'm a college student trying to figure out how to use LaTeX. I have looked everywhere online and on videos and copied the codes but I cannot reproduce a double or triple integral. I know the codes are \iint and \iiint but they do not work. Not even when I type $\iint$ or $$\iint$$. I have asked my calculus professor as well but he only tells me to type \iiint.

Is there any manual for codes like these? I have attached a document with symbols that I need to use but so far I am very clueless about all of the parts surrounding integrals. I want to know how to type multiple integrals and their limits.

Thank you very much for your time!

Erika Bello
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