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Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sun Mar 22 22:31:24 CET 2020

Stefan Löffler wrote:

Dear Willem,

On 22.03.20 17:38, Willem van Leeuwen wrote:
Everything goes well, all letters, symbols and accents work as they should, except for the command \”{o}. What results is un upper index  dot-comma followed by an o. Is there anybody with the same problem, and what went wrong here? How can I get an umlaut?

Generally, I personally prefer to just type (or copy-paste) the umlaut (ö) if possible; and use an encoding like utf-8 (the default) that supports it, of course.
Regarding your problem: did you make sure that Format > Smart Quotes is set to None. Otherwise the program will convert \" (backslash-double quote) into \'' (backslash-single quote-single quote) as it replaces " by the "correct" TeX commands for closing quotation marks, ' '.

I think that there is another issue, Stefan, in that Mr van Leeuwen is (if his e-mail is correct) using backslash followed by Unicode Character 'RIGHT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARK' (U+201D), whereas he should be using backslash followed by Unicode Character 'QUOTATION MARK' (U+0022).

Philip Taylor

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