[texworks] question

Ovi Chitayat ovadia at pacbell.net
Sat Mar 21 02:13:09 CET 2020

 I have the following LaTex code







\draw (-3,0)--(3,0) node [below] {\scriptsize $\Omega$} ;

\draw (0,0) node[below]{0} node [below=3mm]{(a)}--(0,3) node[right]{\scriptsize $X_s(j\Omega)$};

\draw [-latex](2,0) node [below, rotate=-90] {\scriptsize $16000\pi$} --(2,1.5) node [right]{$\frac{\pi}{T}$};


This code places a vertical label to the left of a line but the code is trying to have the label show up directly below the line.How do I get the label to print directly under the line?
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