[texworks] Call for help: Testing

Taylor, P P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Tue Mar 5 19:47:29 CET 2019

Stefan Löffler wrote:
> There were some improvements to the syntax highlighting (which often 
> used to be the culprit in such cases). If they solved this particular 
> problem I can't tell...

I will report back.
> Sorry, I was unclear about this. The 0.7 version is in fact the 
> current version. For historic reasons, odd numbers mark development 
> versions, while even numbers mark stable releases. So everything in 
> the current 0.7 version will go into the to-be-released 0.6.3 version. 
> Just test 0.7 for now :).

?  There are a very large number of files listed from the 
https://dl.bintray.com/texworks/Windows-latest link, with no obvious way 
to select the most recent other than to assume that some part of the 
filename represents the date.

** Phil.

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