[texworks] Call for help: Testing

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 19:42:03 CET 2019

Dear Philip,

On 05.03.19 19:32, Taylor, P wrote:
> Taylor, P wrote:
>> Delighted to confirm that I will commence testing as soon as the present 
>> compilation of a 550+ page book is complete.


>> Is there, to the best of 
>> your knowledge, any improvement in stability when (for example) pasting 
>> a long log file into a new blank window ?  At the moment such actions 
>> cause a crash far more often than they succeed.

There were some improvements to the syntax highlighting (which often
used to be the culprit in such cases). If they solved this particular
problem I can't tell...

> First problem — the announcement speaks of version 0.6.3; the web site
> lists only version 7 :

Sorry, I was unclear about this. The 0.7 version is in fact the current
version. For historic reasons, odd numbers mark development versions,
while even numbers mark stable releases. So everything in the current
0.7 version will go into the to-be-released 0.6.3 version. Just test 0.7
for now :).

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