[texworks] access to Edit menu - problem with Ctrl-e

dicknickalls at doctors.org.uk dicknickalls at doctors.org.uk
Sun Sep 27 18:38:16 CEST 2015

In answer to David Perry:

(1) I installed my TexWorks  by download from the TeXworks webdite;
this was easy and straightforward, and worked OK "out of the box", as 
they say.

(2) yes - mine does implement the sub-keys etc, ie ctrl-x--> "cut"  OK,
these shortcuts are stated  when you do pull down the
various menus (by mouse only of course).

The primary reason I would like to see ctrl-e implemented for the Edit 
is simply ease on the memory - I only have to remember this one
(as the Edit menue contains all the options I need when using the 
its easy then to scroll down to which option I require from the 

The alternative is to remember a host of hot key strokes, or
use the mouse (note that I generally use my Linux box for most things,
and this has the wonderful Kile editing system - which is
what I feel texworks ought to emulate).

As regards rsi - switching from kb to mouse is a bad idea for
the tendons as they pass close to the shoulder etc -so  anything which
can avoid this is very useful.

(the same goes for left-hand access to the CR and up arrow (to get the 
command-line  command ) is also a serious problem - but thats another 

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