[texworks] Character-level synchronization

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Sun Jul 13 09:16:18 CEST 2014

Hello Philip,

Le 12/07/2014 23:15, Philip Taylor a écrit :
> 1) For a given project, the concept (a la WinEDT) of a "main
> file";
> I typically have a large number of adjunct files, many of
> which are in XML format, and having to add
>      % !TeX Program-XeTeX
>      % !TeX root=<whatever>.tex
> to the head of each is unsatisfactory for many reasons which
> I can explain if you are interested.  Being able to nominate
> a single main file for a project, and to automatically have
> all open and updated files saved when the "Compile" option
> is selected, which in itself will automatically compile the
> main file, would be a great boon.

I agree with the fact that copiing
% !TeX root=<whatever>.tex
at the beginning of each file is tedious and one tends to 
But then how would have to distinct main files open at the 
same time.
I did use a system (I forgot the name) which had this "main 
file" system, but trying to compile a second complete file 
was impossible because it was always the "main" file which 
was used. You had to close that project to compile the 
second file.

> 2) The "Previous View" functionality of Adobe Acrobat.  When
> I am testing the hyperlinks in a document, I have no way (in
> the previewer) of getting back to the previous view; such
> functionality would also be very much appreciated.
> 3) In the editor, more intelligent behaviour w.r.t. tabs :
> 3a) When the cursor is at a tab, hitting <rubout> should
> take the
> cursor back one tab stop, not back to the margin.
> 3b) The ability to indent/outdent blocks of text using <tab>
> and <shift><tab>, rather than the unintuitive Ctrl=[/] as at
> present.

Are your 2 propositions not conflicting? How do you enter a tab?

In my shortcuts.ini file (TeXworks/configuration) resource 
folder I have
actionIndent = Ctrl+>
actionUnindent = Ctrl+<
because for the Belgian/French keyboards Ctrl=[/] is 
impossible; further > and < are sufficiently intuitive!!


> Philip Taylor

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