[texworks] Character-level synchronization

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sun Jul 13 09:25:54 CEST 2014

Alain Delmotte wrote:

> I agree with the fact that copiing
> % !TeX root=<whatever>.tex
> at the beginning of each file is tedious and one tends to forget.
> But then how would have to distinct main files open at the same time.
> I did use a system (I forgot the name) which had this "main file"
> system, but trying to compile a second complete file was impossible
> because it was always the "main" file which was used. You had to close
> that project to compile the second file.

Yes, I agree with your analysis, but I work on one project at a time
(I suspect most do) so this is not a problem; furthermore, it means
I can import XML files from oXygen without having to manually
insert two non-XML-conformant files at the top of each.

> Are your 2 propositions not conflicting? How do you enter a tab?

No.  Select-tab = indent; select-shift-tab - outdent;
tab = insert tab; delete-at-tab = remove tab.
> In my shortcuts.ini file (TeXworks/configuration) resource folder I have
> actionIndent = Ctrl+>
> actionUnindent = Ctrl+<
> because for the Belgian/French keyboards Ctrl=[/] is impossible; further
>  > and < are sufficiently intuitive!!

I shall experiment with these to see if I can adapt them to my needs.
Many thanks.

** Phil.

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